A Look at the Best Ford Cars for Those Looking to Save on their Fuel

With petrol prices spiralling ever higher, more motorists are looking for new ways to save money on their fuel.

You could adjust your driving style or simply reduce the amount you use your car, but an easier and more convenient solution is to buy a vehicle that is more fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

Ford has produced a wide range of affordable, modern vehicles that are designed to appeal to those looking to save on their fuel. Here are a few of the best examples.

Ford Ka

Ford’s popular super-mini is unsurprisingly efficient thanks to the use of small engines and an overall light weight. You can get a combined fuel efficiency of 68.9mpg from the most recent Ford Ka, although the first generation is a little less economical with engines achieving around 40mpg.

Ford Focus

For families who want a little more space, the Ford Focus is a sensible choice and it can also offer impressive combined fuel efficiency of up to 83.1mpg in its latest guise. This is in part thanks to the use of automatic engine stop-start technology that means you are not burning petrol when your Focus is at a standstill.

Ford Galaxy

Even Ford’s premier people carrier is equipped with impressive combined fuel efficiency stats of 54.3mpg and of course, if you are going to be doing a lot of motorway driving, you will be able to get even more out of your Galaxy’s tank. In addition, the Galaxy’s CO2 emissions are also impressive, allowing it to fall into Band E on the official ratings chart.

Ford Fiesta

One of Ford’s most economical cars at the moment is the Fiesta, which sits between the dinky Ka and the larger Focus on the size and practicality scales. Modern engines allow it to achieve an impressive 85.6mpg if you pick the most efficient version available. As with all eco-friendly cars, you will actually be able to avoid paying road tax as a result, which means you can save even more.

Ford C-MAX

The Ford C-MAX is a well-respected choice in the compact MPV market and even the earlier generation models offer decent fuel efficiency. However, the 61.4mpg that can be attained using the more recent editions make this range well worth examining if you are on a budget.

You could also opt for the Grand C-MAX, which may be larger but can reach 57.7mpg if you drive it carefully.

Ford has created a number of sustainable initiatives outside of its manufacturing and design techniques in order to help the environment and save money for its customers. For example, the company will recycle any old Ford free of charge, with 85% of scrapped cars able to be reconstituted.

All you need to do is trade in your car for a fuel efficient Ford and start benefitting from the savings that you make.

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