Exploring Horizons With New SUV In India

Cars are no longer just a symbol of luxury. These days they are a necessity and it is indeed difficult to imagine life without them. However, the purchasing power of the people in India is increasing and car manufacturers are paying special attention to this fact. The consumers today have a lot of options to choose from within the Indian brands when they think of buying a car. Added to this, a number of foreign brands are coming to India with Indianised version of cars. They have even set up their manufacturing units in our country.  Until now the firms had focussed on hatch back and luxury cars only, but slowly they are changing their focus and launching new SUV in India.

The SUV Market

Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV as it is popularly known is in great demand in our country. The reason for their popularity is the use of latest and most advanced technology being used by the manufacturers which ensure safety on roads. The sporty and adventurous styling of these vehicles is still another reason. Until sometime back, buying an SUV was considered to a symbol of luxury and a defined a person’s specific lifestyle. But this is not true any longer. These days SUV manufacturers have introduced newer models which are available in varied price ranges. So it is possible to buy a new SUV in India at almost the same price as a high end hatchback.

Are you planning to buy an SUV?

Though SUVs are today available in the mid price range also, it is important to keep the finances in mind while deciding on the model. A new SUV in India can be bought with car loans and on EMI, however, it is the maintenance and the running cost that one should take into consideration. Another noteworthy factor as far as finances are concerned would be the issue of insurance.

The number of models of new SUV in India have left the customer is spoilt for choice. One must compare the features and weigh the pros and cons before deciding on the model. A crucial decision is whether to buy the diesel version or the petrol one since the mileage is different for both. In most cases petrol version means lesser cost while diesel means cutting on cost in long-term. Whatever model you buy, its engine must conform to the Euro II norms of emission standards.

The aim of buying an SUV should also be clear. It would be a great choice if you are an adventure loving person who goes on long drives on weekends or likes to participate in car rallies or simply wishes to flaunt your wealth.

SUVs are big vehicles which need proper roads for driving. They are definitely not for driving around the overcrowded Chandni Chowk (in Delhi) kind of places. On the congested roads of most of the metros in India, driving an SUV might prove to be driving challenge. Also, if you live in a tier 2 or tier 3 cities or a small town with poor road network you would probably like to rethink your decision of buying an SUV.

The best way to decide, however, would be to take test-drive of the model you have homed on to. These days even the bigger cars come with small turning radii which make manoeuvring them easier as compared to their earlier counterparts.

The internet will once again prove a blessing here. Instead of visiting showrooms and looking at models, you can keep yourself abreast of all the new SUV in India on the web. What is more you will have access to a large number of reviews which will help you in decision making process.

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