Top Automotive Safety Features To Consider When Buying A Car

Many people have safety very low on their priority list when shopping for a car. This is quite unfortunate especially with the fact that you can’t always avoid a crash. Currently, improved safety features have been installed on many vehicles to reduce car occupant fatalities. Whether you have planned to change your old car or you just have an interest in buying a new car, it is incredibly important to look at the safety options. Here are some automotive safety features to consider when buying a car.

Air Bags

Air bags have become a necessity in modern day vehicles due to their lifesaving ability in the event of a collision. They are intended to deploy upon impact to provide a cushion between the body and parts of the vehicle that passengers may smash against. The adaptive front air bag is located in the occupant’s seating position and prevents chest injury, while the side impact curtain air bags protect you from side impact collision. Airbags act as a supplemental safety device in addition to seat belts.

Seat Belts

The use of a seatbelt is the most important aspect of automotive safety. Seatbelts provide a locking mechanism that engages the occupants when critical braking is required or the car comes to a sudden stop. It is important to check the condition of the seatbelts before buying a car to ensure they are functioning properly and are not worn.

Anti-Lock Brake Technology

Anti-Lock Brake is a common automotive safety feature that you should look out for. This system is designed to work autonomously when there is an impending collision at highway speeds. It mitigates a driver braking a car without enough force and provides maximum braking when an object is detected ahead. Good braking is critical for safety and antilock brake system provides a shorter stopping distance thus preventing crashes.

Traction or Stability Control System

This is the one automotive feature car experts say is mandatory. The electronic stability system is an addition to the anti-lock brake technology that helps in handling the car in dangerous situations. The traction system detects when a wheel slips and automatically powers the other wheels thus allowing the car to retain traction. This feature helps the car to avoid chances of spinning out of control or rolling over thus cutting the risk of a fatal crash. Stability system is an essential safety aspect that car buyers should check when shopping for new cars.

Tire-pressure monitoring

Good tires are just as important as good brakes. Tire-pressure monitoring is a common safety feature in most new autos which helps to monitor the performance of your tires. Sensors are incorporated in the wheels to alert you if the air pressure is very low. Tire pressure has a significant influence on your car safety and efficiency so you should consider this feature.

Night Vision

Night vision is quite a new safety feature you should consider when buying a car. It uses high powered infrared headlamps or thermal-imaging cameras with beams invisible to the human eye. These beams are focused on the road ahead thus enhancing your vision in darkness or bad weather. The distance of view is also increased helping you to identify pedestrians or animals walking on the roads at night.

Blind Spot Monitors

This technology is designed to alert you when other vehicles are within your blind spot as you drive or park your car. These monitors will notify you through visual signals or audio sounds when they detect any object in the way. It is normally a short range detection system which can reduce the frequent collisions on motorways.

Lane and Attention Warning

Lane warning feature is becoming more common on new cars. It is similar to blind spot technology but with a wider range. It analyzes the speed with which a vehicle is approaching your car and warns you of possible danger if you change lanes. It also alerts you when you stray over the white marking between the lanes and calls for your attention through sounds or vibrations. This feature can be very useful especially when you become distracted and lose concentration on the road.

These are some of the most important automotive safety features to consider when buying a car. They are designed to help you escape injuries in the event of an accident. Therefore, it’s important to spend a lot of time focused on the safety features of the vehicle.

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