5 of the Best Places to Shop for a Used Car

If you are planning to buy a used car, finding one can be one of the most daunting tasks since there are countless people and used car businesses that are trying to do away with the vehicles. However, the vast number of used car dealers and private parties, buyers can find several deals for used cars in the newspaper, online classifieds, at auctions, and of course the local used car dealerships. Before hunting for a used car, be clear of what your needs are, right from your budget to the kind of car you are looking for, to make your vehicle searching process easier. Here are few of the best places to look for used cars.

Local Newspapers Classifieds

This is probably the best place to start with, especially if you are looking for direct dealings with private parties to rule out the interference of dealers, brokers or any third party.  Several individuals who are planning to sell their cars will get it listed in the classifieds section of newspaper. You can check what kind of vehicles are on sale and contact the owner if you find anything of your choice.

Most of the times, spreading the word is the best way to buy a used vehicle from a private party. Let your friends and family circle know that you are looking for a used car and also mention the same on your social networking profiles. There are good chances that you’ll get a good deal from one of your known sources.

Online Listings

If you are not able to find too many ads in newspapers, online listings are the next place to look at. You can get plenty of options on online used car portals. If you are looking for transactions with a private party, search on websites like eBay, Craigslist or Auto Trader as these are the most common sites on which owners place the ads directly, and no brokers are involved.

Used Car Locator

There are used car locator websites online that can help you find a used car in a specific location by entering the full postal code of your area. This will list out the used cars on sale in your region. Network Q is one such popular website that is being used widely by potential used car buyers from all around the world.

Local Used Car Dealerships in Your Area

There always are several used car dealers where you can look out for pre-owned cars. When checking the options at these dealers, you get a chance to personally check each vehicle in their inventory. Look around and compare factors like the price of the vehicles, the mileage used, and condition of the car as these things will help you in getting the best deal on a used vehicle.

Auto Magazines

If you are looking for a classic or vintage old car, the best place to find them would be auto magazines apart from the auction sites. Usually, auto magazines have used car listings from several areas. Since pictures are usually included with the ad, you can get an idea of what the vehicle looks like before deciding.

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