How to Choose the Best Warranty for Used Cars: 4 Rules to Live By

As a used vehicle shopper, you would know how frustrating or tiring it can be, to select the right warranty for your vehicle. With so many options available for warranties, it is extremely difficult and confusing to choose the best one among all. Determining whether or not to buy warranty for used car can be a tangled mess. To help you in this process and to take the informative decision, here are some tips to consider.

Opt for CPO

Certified Pre Owned (CPO) vehicle warranty offers complete peace of mind, as the automaker takes care of the maintenance. CPO is the best way to be insurable and just like new warranties, these CPOs also vary – Land Rover charges $100 for it, whereas the likes Audi and BMW charge $85 and $50 respectively. You need to verify whether or not this warranty is transferable, if the vehicle is sold before its expiration. While buying CPO warranty, you need to consider if you can lease CPO vehicle or finance it and whether or not the roadside assistance is covered. The duration of coverage should be considered.

Know All the Terms and Conditions in Detail

It’s imperative for you to ensure that the warranty terms aren’t unfair; you should see how it protects you against the standard terms and conditions in the agreement. Look at the servicing history, as the used car must be serviced at 6000 miles or first 6months and then as per automaker’s recommendation thereafter. There should not be any restrictions on labor rates; ensure that car hire, recovery, and diagnostics are included in the package.

Level of the Cover

If you’re more interested in buying insurance protected warranties, then ensure that the policy is comprehensive- electrical and mechanical parts are covered. If it is poor level, then there is a chance that you may end up paying for the claim. You can also opt for dealer backed warranty to manage tricky claims and know consumer’s legal right before refusing any claim. Though the level of policy may sound comprehensive, it could vary a great deal, depending upon the exclusions.

Beware of the Exclusions

The usual exclusions could be-

Main components and general maintenance failing because of wear and tear.

Faults present in the car during the time of buying itself.

Recovery and vehicle hire.

No service history or worn out timing belt.

Cracked blocks, over heating damage, burnt valves, fluid and oil leaks, and cracked blocks.

These are usually not included in the backed warranties and could be covered under consumer’s legal rights.

Look for Best Warranty Provider

It is very important to select a warranty provider and company that know the liabilities to be covered under bad conditions. is a reliable supplier of quality used cars, especially Ford to various markets, such as Essex, London, and Kent. Being in the car market for more than five decades, it also provides extended warranty backed up by mechanical parts, so that users can enjoy safe and secure driving. So, if you pick it from such a credible source, you’d have complete peace of mind.

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