How to get a good used car deal in the Welsh capital

Finding a good used car in Cardiff can be difficult. There are many cars on the market and a variety of different places to buy from. It is difficult to know who to trust. Choosing a quality used-car outlet can ensure your safety and peace of mind. But use these tips and tricks and you will be driving your dream car in no time.

Do Your Homework

If you are looking for used cars Cardiff will have lots to offer. This can get confusing so it’s essential to do some research before you start. Focus on a particular model of car that you want to buy and find out everything about it. Look for average used prices, insurance and tax costs, average mileage and service schedules, common issues and any recalls that the manufacturer has issued. All this information will help you cut through the sales patter and negotiate a great deal.

Peace of Mind

You can pick up a real bargain from an auction website or motor auction. However, it is often “sold as seen” and does not have any warranty. Buying a car from a used-car dealership solves these issues. Often the cars have been hand-picked to offer reliability and value to the customer. In addition, the car can be serviced and given a safety check before you drive it away. Importantly, the dealership can offer a warranty to ensure that your new car covered for major defects.


Many people choose to start at a used-car showroom where there are lots of vehicles for sale. You can test-drive different models and prices are checked regularly to make sure they are competitive. Pressure selling is now a thing of the past. Used-car sales teams have to adhere to strict codes of conduct to ensure that the customer is treated fairly and receives honest and open advice. That does not mean that all outlets will be the same. Try to find out from family and friends who they bought from. Check the internet for reviews of the service others have received. It’s often better to pay a bit more and buy from a dealership that has a good reputation than to take a risk and end up with a dud.


Just because used-car prices are good it does not mean there is no room for negotiation. The deal you strike is not just for the car and will include optional extras such as the warranty, fuel, service contracts and accessories. Although margins on the car itself may be tight, garages are often willing to negotiate on these extra items. In addition, many garages are willing to take your old vehicle in part exchange, cutting down on the stress of trying to sell it yourself. So be prepared to haggle and do not accept the first offer that the salesperson makes.

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If you need a car that you can trust, at a price that you can afford and with no hidden surprises, choosing to visit a reputable used-car dealership can save you time and money.

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