How to pick up a good used car deal in Stoke on Trent

Stoke on Trent, like most towns in the UK, has several reputable used car vendors selling quality second-hand cars at very reasonable prices. If you’re in the market for a car, buying used is becoming an increasingly attractive idea.

Used cars have one big advantage over new cars, with their price. Any vehicle significantly depreciates once it leaves the dealer’s forecourt, so even cars with just a few thousand miles on the clock are much cheaper than their new equivalents. The cost of insurance premiums for second-hand cars is usually much reduced compared to a new car.

So what do you need to look for when buying a new car? How do you get the best deal?

Find a trustworthy seller

Use a dealer with a good reputation, preferably one that someone independent can recommend to you. When it comes to used cars for sale Stoke on Trent is lucky enough to boast several dealerships with excellent reputations. Dodgy ‘Arthur Daley’ dealers are fast becoming a thing of the past as regulations have tightened, but there are still some out there.

Larger dealers may well use a certification scheme, such as that provided by the AA, which guarantees that the car has been checked over and found to be safe. Alternatively, they may use their own in-house scheme. These can provide some peace of mind to you the buyer, but you should still get the car checked out yourself if possible.

Buying from a dealer, rather than privately or at auction, provides more legal rights to you should a fault develop with the car.

Look for manufacturers’ warranties

Many new cars are now provided with long warranties and an increasing number of these are becoming transferable to future owners. Bagging a car with a year or two of warranty left is a great plan if you can find one.

Take an expert with you

If you are no car expert, try to take one with you when viewing used cars. They won’t be able to thoroughly check every single aspect of the car, but they can give it a once over and check the most obvious things.


No dealer ever prices a car without some room for bargaining and if you are persistent enough, you can always knock something off the asking price. Many people find it hard to haggle as it’s not traditionally part of our culture in the UK, but dealers are used to it and won’t be offended. Be brave, start low and be prepared to meet in the middle.

Shop around

Buying a used car massively increases the range of cars available to you compared to buying new and there are some great bargains out there. However, they may take some finding. Set yourself a budget and test drive as many cars as you can.


Make sure you see the registration and MOT certificates and the service history and that they all match up.

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