New Car Technology For the Luxury Car Market

Ford as we know these days was established in 1903 by Gretchen Honda. Back then, it was his desire to build a car for the public. Nowadays, his heritage appears as the man that made vehicles an important part of our mobile way of life.

In his early years, Honda presented the ‘moving set up line’. This was the first time that a manufacturing organization employed shifting set up lines to achieve a more cost-effective method of manufacturing.

Later on, Honda extended into the luxury-car industry when he bought Lincoln subsequently Motor Company in 1925. Since then, Honda turned out to be one of the biggest car producers across the world. The Honda Focus, Honda Combination, Honda Ford mustang and Honda Bamboula are some of the popular designs of Honda vehicles in the worldwide industry.

Ford Engines also has a number of car designs combined up in the marketplace that include a section of high-class vehicles as well. Lately, they have designed a new technological innovation known as Disturbance Perspective technological innovation that guarantees the most silent internal rooms.

Noise vision Technology:

Noise vision Technologies are a new technological innovation which helps producers recognize undesirable appears to be and remove them.

This new technological innovation will make sure that all new vehicles from Honda Engines will have the most silent internal rooms.

The ‘Noise Vision’ is generally a small area placed inside the cottage of the car and is prepared with more than thirty highly delicate microphone and 12 special cameras.

The software used in the Disturbance Perspective flows data and makes a automated picture that shows internal noise “hot areas,” such as wind noise, a squeak, a shake or undesirable reviews from engine.

New Luxury Honda Cars for this years model year will be designed with this technological innovation.

2010 Taurus, the Combination, the Bend and the F-150 are some of the titles of the vehicles from Honda that ensure a basic internal.

Ford Engines do their best to provide comfortable vehicles to the public, combined with most advanced technological innovation. This technological innovation in Honda vehicles will give lots of competitors to other producers, as Honda is going to use this technological innovation up to a large degree in the high-class car section.

A Guide To Buying An Ideal Trailer For Your Car

Trailers have many different uses and a lot of different types of trailers can be found on the market. There are travel trailers, open trailers, enclosed trailers, livestock trailers, and tanker trailers, among others. Each type of trailer has different specifications, and if you are looking to buy one, you first have to know what you will be using it for, and what your tow vehicle can handle. That is how you can make the right choice.

 No matter what type of trailer you wish to buy, the first thing to consider is the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle you are planning to tow the trailer with, and you can see it in the owner’s manual. Typically, an average truck can haul at least 3,000 pounds of cargo, and more powerful trucks or SUVs have a towing capacity of over 7,000 pounds. Then, check the gross vehicle weight of the trailer you are interested in. It refers to the weight of a trailer when it’s fully loaded, which is very different from the dry trailer weight. For example, semi-trailers are among the heaviest trailers and they have to be towed by road tractors.

 If you want something smaller, you can get an open trailer, which you can use for hauling some sort of landscaping or farming equipment, construction materials or some similar cargo. They are not to heavy and can be towed by an average pick-up truck. They are lighter than enclosed trailers, but you need to take into account that the cargo is exposed to the elements.

Then, you have to know what type of hitch your vehicle has, and buy a trailer accordingly. There are hitches that are attached to the bumper of the vehicle, and goose neck hitches that are closer to the vehicle’s center of gravity. So goose neck hitches are able to pull heavier trailers, and if you have one on your truck, you can get a bigger trailer without being concerned about safety or stability.

 In the end, you have to be aware of the trailer manufacturer’s reputation and whether it provides good service, because quality of trailers can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another.

50 Years On Why Does Porsche 911 Still Stands Out

The name Porsche rings in the mind perfection and class. This is why most of the Porsche models have been so lasting and have become icons over the years. One such example is the iconic Porsche 911. It has reached the milestone number of 50 years ever since being unveiled at the 1963 Frankfurt Auto Show. It is also called Neunelfer by die-hard, old-school Porsche and motoring enthusiasts.

Since its classic silhouette is one recognized universally, it is a favorite for author Botchi Santos of Philippine Daily Inquirer. He pens down 9 reasons why Porsche 991 is the leading sports car model. The number one reason stated by him is the Driving Experience. He writes that driving any 911 is like learning basics of physics as one can feel the weight move around all four corners of the car. This kind of adulation can rarely be found for any other cars and certainly not for a car which has been there for five decades.

Most motorists love cars for their roar and sound. It somehow makes your heart skip a beat. The sound is another catchy feature as it is pure, honest and very mechanical. The Hans Mezger-developed air-cooled six, stretching back to 1963, has been replaced with a new-generation, direct injection water-cooled 24-valve flat six with direct fuel injection to comply with environmental regulations, but the sound of passion is still very much alive.

A sportscar should be fast – this is a no-brainer. To be such a legendary sportscar one has to a speed demon.  Porsche doesn’t disappoint us in that criterion also. Braking is as important as the speed and hence this quality of 911 makes it outstanding. The rear-engined layout helps the 911’s braking ability, with as much as 40 percent of the braking effort done at the rear. Conventional front and mid-engined cars can only manage between 20-30 percent rear braking effort. This dramatic increase in braking power gives the driver more confidence in driving a super sportscar like 911. When inside a Porsche 911, the driver feels so powerful and drives like the king of the road. Such feeling is hard to get from any other car in my experience.

The Cockpit of the car is a distinct feature as it is driver-focused, simple and perfect as is the case of every Porsche car. The non-cluttered dashboard doesn’t distract the driver.

At high speeds, the steering of a car is what makes a driver feel confident. The Porsche 911’s steering feels steady, solid, secure and confident with the right amount of feel and feedback.

The engine is truly impressive in the mid range as the power carries brilliantly all the way to redline, gives off the right sound and the right type of vibrations.

911’s looks had its share of brickbats and bouquets. Although the Shape of 911 has received some hard words yet it is very popular and the percentage of public that loves it is more than who dislike it.

The 911 is very flexible as it is falls among the very rare breed of sports and supercars which can be used every day on road. This perhaps makes this car a winner all the way.

Finally it the heritage which comes with a 911, that makes it special. The 911, in all its variants and generations, is synonymous with sports car and GT racing. The build quality which is impeccably solid gives it the edge to stay ahead always.

A Look at the Best Ford Cars for Those Looking to Save on their Fuel

With petrol prices spiralling ever higher, more motorists are looking for new ways to save money on their fuel.

You could adjust your driving style or simply reduce the amount you use your car, but an easier and more convenient solution is to buy a vehicle that is more fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

Ford has produced a wide range of affordable, modern vehicles that are designed to appeal to those looking to save on their fuel. Here are a few of the best examples.

Ford Ka

Ford’s popular super-mini is unsurprisingly efficient thanks to the use of small engines and an overall light weight. You can get a combined fuel efficiency of 68.9mpg from the most recent Ford Ka, although the first generation is a little less economical with engines achieving around 40mpg.

Ford Focus

For families who want a little more space, the Ford Focus is a sensible choice and it can also offer impressive combined fuel efficiency of up to 83.1mpg in its latest guise. This is in part thanks to the use of automatic engine stop-start technology that means you are not burning petrol when your Focus is at a standstill.

Ford Galaxy

Even Ford’s premier people carrier is equipped with impressive combined fuel efficiency stats of 54.3mpg and of course, if you are going to be doing a lot of motorway driving, you will be able to get even more out of your Galaxy’s tank. In addition, the Galaxy’s CO2 emissions are also impressive, allowing it to fall into Band E on the official ratings chart.

Ford Fiesta

One of Ford’s most economical cars at the moment is the Fiesta, which sits between the dinky Ka and the larger Focus on the size and practicality scales. Modern engines allow it to achieve an impressive 85.6mpg if you pick the most efficient version available. As with all eco-friendly cars, you will actually be able to avoid paying road tax as a result, which means you can save even more.

Ford C-MAX

The Ford C-MAX is a well-respected choice in the compact MPV market and even the earlier generation models offer decent fuel efficiency. However, the 61.4mpg that can be attained using the more recent editions make this range well worth examining if you are on a budget.

You could also opt for the Grand C-MAX, which may be larger but can reach 57.7mpg if you drive it carefully.

Ford has created a number of sustainable initiatives outside of its manufacturing and design techniques in order to help the environment and save money for its customers. For example, the company will recycle any old Ford free of charge, with 85% of scrapped cars able to be reconstituted.

All you need to do is trade in your car for a fuel efficient Ford and start benefitting from the savings that you make.

Exploring Horizons With New SUV In India

Cars are no longer just a symbol of luxury. These days they are a necessity and it is indeed difficult to imagine life without them. However, the purchasing power of the people in India is increasing and car manufacturers are paying special attention to this fact. The consumers today have a lot of options to choose from within the Indian brands when they think of buying a car. Added to this, a number of foreign brands are coming to India with Indianised version of cars. They have even set up their manufacturing units in our country.  Until now the firms had focussed on hatch back and luxury cars only, but slowly they are changing their focus and launching new SUV in India.

The SUV Market

Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV as it is popularly known is in great demand in our country. The reason for their popularity is the use of latest and most advanced technology being used by the manufacturers which ensure safety on roads. The sporty and adventurous styling of these vehicles is still another reason. Until sometime back, buying an SUV was considered to a symbol of luxury and a defined a person’s specific lifestyle. But this is not true any longer. These days SUV manufacturers have introduced newer models which are available in varied price ranges. So it is possible to buy a new SUV in India at almost the same price as a high end hatchback.

Are you planning to buy an SUV?

Though SUVs are today available in the mid price range also, it is important to keep the finances in mind while deciding on the model. A new SUV in India can be bought with car loans and on EMI, however, it is the maintenance and the running cost that one should take into consideration. Another noteworthy factor as far as finances are concerned would be the issue of insurance.

The number of models of new SUV in India have left the customer is spoilt for choice. One must compare the features and weigh the pros and cons before deciding on the model. A crucial decision is whether to buy the diesel version or the petrol one since the mileage is different for both. In most cases petrol version means lesser cost while diesel means cutting on cost in long-term. Whatever model you buy, its engine must conform to the Euro II norms of emission standards.

The aim of buying an SUV should also be clear. It would be a great choice if you are an adventure loving person who goes on long drives on weekends or likes to participate in car rallies or simply wishes to flaunt your wealth.

SUVs are big vehicles which need proper roads for driving. They are definitely not for driving around the overcrowded Chandni Chowk (in Delhi) kind of places. On the congested roads of most of the metros in India, driving an SUV might prove to be driving challenge. Also, if you live in a tier 2 or tier 3 cities or a small town with poor road network you would probably like to rethink your decision of buying an SUV.

The best way to decide, however, would be to take test-drive of the model you have homed on to. These days even the bigger cars come with small turning radii which make manoeuvring them easier as compared to their earlier counterparts.

The internet will once again prove a blessing here. Instead of visiting showrooms and looking at models, you can keep yourself abreast of all the new SUV in India on the web. What is more you will have access to a large number of reviews which will help you in decision making process.